Thank you for joining us in our exhibit: “Soles of Our Legacies”. 


The Soles of Our Legacies Exhibit was created by Yvette Blake, a John J. Wright Board of Director Member and local Virginia Resident. The exhibit recognizes and applauds the alumni of John J. Wright and local citizens of all ages who exemplify the criteria of leading extraordinary, honorable lives as inspirational leaders. They are presented in multi-facet format. The Soles of Our Legacies Interactive Exhibit is a collaborative project with Denise Benedetto, another John J. Wright Board of Director Member who contributed the “cyber” interactive elements found within the exhibit.

Soles of Our Legacies is an interactive exhibit that shares American history from the 1920’s to present through the use of shoes, photos, signage, miniatures, and QR Code panels all correlating to video-recorded oral history and external educational mediums to include websites, videos, and audio recordings.

The Exhibit presentation features the following alumni and citizens:

View the video interviews:

IMG_2110We are also currently featuring the artwork of David Mitchell, a graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art and the resident artist at the John J. Wright Museum.

This past exhibit ended in March 2016.