This week our museum adminstrative assistant, Clarissa has been in Washington D.C. attending the American Historical Association’s 132nd Annual Meeting.  This year the meeting’s theme is “Race, Ethnicity, and Nationalism in Global Perspective” which aligns perfectly with the John J. Wright Museum’s mission.  This theme has challenged the museum to look at a new set of questions about how the social construction of race and how the different ethnic groups people of African descent in the local community impacted formal institutions such as schools.

Sessions such as “Free People of Color and Childhood in the US South” and more material culture based talks such as “Comics and History” have been eye opening and motivating to the museum to come up with new and innovative topics to be explored and shared with the community through exhibitions, lectures, and special events.

Clarissa has enjoyed being able to attend such a dynamic and diverse conference and is looking forward to developing new projects for the museum.